Villa Nah: Ultima

Album release date: September 16th 2016
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Villa Nah is back after a five-year hiatus as the critically acclaimed synth duo returns with their new album, of which earlier released ‘Stranger‘ and ‘Love Chance’ give us a sneak peek. Spy is the third single from the upcoming second album “Ultima”, out on September 16th 2016. Duo’s distinctive sound is filled with ageless hypno-pop doused in dreamy synthesizers and Juho Paalosmaa’s even more forlorn vocals.

Villa Nah´s Juho & Tomi: “For the summer of ’16, we wanted to serve a sunny slice of romance, the sweet kiss of a Love Chance. With ripples of synths and sheer optimism, this is our soundtrack for those July afternoons.”

Villa Nah is a Finnish pop duo consisting of Juho Paalosmaa (also member of Sin Cos Tan) and Tomi Hyyppä. Villa Nah’s sound is heavily influenced by 1980’s synthpop.. Producer/DJ Jori Hulkkonen co-produced the band’s debut album Origin and it was released in Finland in March 2010 by Sähkö Recordings‘s sub label Keys of Life. The album reached number seven on the Official Finnish Album List. At that time boys toured with OMD in UK, did gigs all over the world and even performed in Chanel fashion brand´s show opening at Paris Fashion Week 2010.

The East Helsinki pairing of Juho Paalosmaa and Tomi Hyyppä consolidated their position by supporting OMD on their UK Autumn tour. However, the two childhood friends went quiet afterwards and Paalosmaa formed SIN COS TAN with ‘Origin’ co-producer Jori Hulkkonen;

SIN COS TAN’s three acclaimed albums to date, ‘Sin Cos Tan’, ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Blown Away’, plus their most recent EP ‘Smile Tomorrow Will Be Worse’, filled the void left by VILLA NAH. But the Finnish duo are now back, back, BACK!

Answering a question as to why the Nordic region was a hub for great electronic music, Paalosmaa said back in 2010: “most of the time it’s so dark and cold outside, you might as well just turn the synths on and stay inside…”



  1. Ultima – FISR61600036
  2. Vortex – FISR61600037
  3. Mistakes – FISR61600038
  4. Life is Short – FISR61600039
  5. Love Chance – FISR61600040
  6. Heaven – FISR61600041
  7. Clockwork – FISR61600042
  8. Spy – FISR61600043
  9. Stranger – FISR61600044
  10. Proxima – FISR61600045

Music and words by Juho Paalosmaa. Production by Juho Paalosmaa & Tomi Hyyppä. Co-produced by Jori Hulkkonen & Villa Nah.

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