Fun-Tourist 1999-2000 collection front cover

Fun-Tourist: Who needs Alice anyway? (1999-2000)

Jori Sjöroos is a man of many hats. Ever since he started making music, Sjöroos has composed and produced, as a solo artist or in collaboration, under many different aliases: Fun-Tourist, Fu-Tourist, Think Ink, ROOXX, Magenta Skycode. Fun-Tourist (1999-2000) was a wicked and genius blend of IDM and drum’n’bass á la Aphex Twin, the Black Dog, the Orb, Autechre, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada and Oneohtrix Point Never. Electronic music that’s equally comfortable on the dancefloor as in the living room.


Album code: SOL-074

Format: digital only (download & stream)

Release date: Friday August 4th 2017

Produced by Jori Sjöroos


Track list:

1. Who needs Alice anyway?

2. DDD

3. Sahkopianoalku

4. Face on/Take one

5. Yeah tell them

6. Fungi People

7. Nylon King

8. RINNE B feat. Tapani Rinne

9. RINNE A feat. Tapani Rinne

10. Inkkari feat. Tapani Rinne