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"In the old days you'd call it 'the needle-drop'. It's where you can drop the needle on the vinyl and after hearing a few notes you know exactly who the singer is. That's a quality I'm always looking for." - Tony Visconti

Exactly four years ago we released this record. Happy birthday, Magenta Skycode: Relief!!! 20.10.2010 The album won the award for Best Indie Album at the Finnish Emma Awards (which is the Finnish equivalent of a Grammy) while also being among the contenders for the Finnish nominee for The Nordic Music Prize due to the album’s outstanding lyrics and emotional impact of Sjöroos’ voice. The album, with heartbreak anthems such as Kipling and Trains Are Leaving the Yard has been shared on sites such as The Cool Hunter and Vimeo where it featured as a staff pick, earning Magenta Skycode huge amount of plays on various sites in the process. Relief stayed as number one on the Finnish sales charts for several weeks, as featured on the top sales charts for as long as six weeks.

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