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Juno Francis: Queen’s Anthem

Juno Francis: Queen´s Athem
Release: April 24th 2020

Disco infused retro synth pop with a touch of nordic melancholy…

Juno Francis invites you to a Scandinavian landscape, where all seasons are joined by cold ocean kissed winds. A musical trip to the woods in Småland and the west coast town Göteborg.

Queen’s Anthem is a nostalgic swim in the memory river back to the roots in the north. A longing for moving back to a place left behind mixed with a thirst for exploring what might be hidden behind the next corner…

Juno Francis:

The lovechild of a 60s gentleman and an 80s lady.
Psychedelic and glamorous, haze and glitter, hypnotic and dramatic.
Her voice flow into your heart and melt it like ice in scotch. As you feel weak in your knees and faint out of pure love you land on his bed made out of silky smooth synth pads. Enjoy your interaction…