Pykäri album SOL067 front cover

Pykäri: Pykäri

Mikko Pykäri is Finnish Emma-award winning musician and music producer who is well-known from bands like Regina, Shine 2009 and Cup. He has also produced for several other artists such as LCMDF, Iisa and Ruger Hauer.

Mikko Pykäri has started a solo career as “Pykäri” and his producer album with various featuring artists was released on May 12th 2017 through Solina Records. Featuring artists are Yona, Mio, Pyhimys, Reino Nordin, LCMDF, Sami Suova, SOMA, Pass, Zuzu Zakaria & Biitsi. Available worldwide.

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Album info:

Artist: Pykäri

Album: Pykäri

Album code: SOL-067

Formats: vinyl LP / digital

Release: 12.5.2017 (May 12th 2017)



1 Hearts (feat. LCMDF) FISR61700016
2 Run (feat. Mio) FISR61700001
3 Touch (feat. SOMA) FISR61700017
4 Wish (feat. Pass) FISR61700018
5 Maneki Neko (feat. Yona) FISR61700019
6 Shampanjahai (feat. Pyhimys & Reino Nordin) FISR61700005
7 Silent Explosions (feat. Mio) FISR61700020
8 My Way (feat. Mio) FISR61700021
9 Anlatamıyorum (feat. Zuzu Zakaria & Biitsi) FISR61700022
10 Why (feat. Sami Suova) FISR61700004


Hearts written by Pykäri & LCMDF
Run written by Pykäri & Mio
Touch written by Pykäri & SOMA
Wish written by Pykäri & Pass
Maneki Neko written by Pykäri & Yona
Shampanjahai written by Pykäri, Pyhimys & Reino Nordin
Silent Explosions written by Pykäri & Mio
My Way written by Pykäri, Mio & Sami Suova
Anlatamıyorum Written by Pykäri, Zuzu Zakaria, Biitsi & Orhan Veli Kanık (ERIKOIS I)
Why written by Annie Lennox
Produced by Pykäri
Piano on Hearts by Aleksi Ojala
Additional vocals on Anlatamıyorum by Saara Moisio
Mixed by Pykäri & Tommi Langen
Mastered by Tommi Langen & Minerva Pappi
Photographs by Helen Korpak