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The Hearing

The Hearing is Helsinkian musician Ringa Manner. A daydreamer, romantic, nerd, rocker and music enthusiast, you name it! She has done many collaborations with the Finnish artists like Paperi-T, Cityman, ROOXX, Ros Red and she has two own bands Ruusut and Pintandwefall. Her solo project The Hearing is no basic woman + guitar business, it’s quite something else! She has been Nordic Music Prize 2017 nominee and Teosto award 2017 nominee with her second album “Adrian”.

Her new single When In Doubt Repeat These Words is a musical safe space. Meant to invite everybody in and keep all the shit out. To summon strength to gradually make the surrounding world a better place, but also to remind us, that we are all beautiful and ok as such: unfinished, imperfect, fragile and faint. ‘When In Doubt Repeat These Words’ is the first single from The Hearing’s upcoming third album Demian, out on September 2018 (tba). It gives a strong outline of the emotional landscape of the album, and of the artist herself.

The Hearing has done some 200 shows around the world in it’s nearly 5,5 years of existence. In her live act the artist lets you feel the warm vocal harmonies, arbitrary pop melodies, moving rhythms and a strong presence by combining all these skillful traits with looping technique. These shows include such small and uncompromising art music festivals as United Islands festival in the middle of Vltava river in Prague, and Sejerø Festival on the idyllic Danish Sejerø island; as well as bigger events, like Strawberry Festival in Shanghai, or warming up for bigger international names like 30 Seconds To Mars.

The Hearing’s debut album, Dorian, was released in Finland in the fall of 2013 (CD / digital) and her second album “Adrian” was released on April 22nd 2016 (vinyl / digital).

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