¨The Hearing Jello

The Hearing: Jello



Release: Friday November 30th 2018

ISRC: FISR61800040

written by Ringa Manner


Helsinki-based artist The Hearing is working on her 3rd album, ’Demian’. ’Jello’ is the second single to be released from that album. It’s written by Ringa Manner, produced by Samuli Kukkola together with Ringa, vocals recorded by Artturi Taira and mastered by TTLangen.

Ringa Manner: “The lyrics are about some kind of change. Anticipating what’s about to go down, with the appropriate mix of enthusiasm and dread. I usually prefer not to give too much away of what was going on in my own mind as I was writing something, because it’s not that important, plus it rules out too many of the most wild interpretations. I want to create a space where the listener can insert their own experiences and make the song personal for them.

In December The Hearing will be a part of Dias Nordicos in Latin America. Dias Nordicos is a joint venture of ROSA – Danish Rock Council and Zona De Obras. It spans over nearly two weeks in 4 countries and will bring a total of 5 Scandinavian acts overseas. Participants in December 2018 are The Hearing (FIN), Peter Wangel (DEN), Hulda (Faroe Islands), Da Bartali Crew (Greenland), Birdpeople (Åland). Dias Nordicos Concerts 2018 are on 01 DEC Lima, Peru 06 + 09 DEC Buenos Aires, Argentina, 07 DEC Montevideo, Uruguay, 12th + 13th DEC São Paulo, Brasil