Ros Red

Ros Red is a new electronic solo project of a famous and talented Finnish music producer Pasi Viitanen. First single from his debut “The Flipside” EP was a very stylish and exquisite song ‘Natural Fear’ featuring super talented Ringa Manner (The Hearing). All in all a stylish and modern EP package out now on Solina Records.

Affected modern blues with some intriguing touches. The jittering rhythms and soulful melodies. This is a music we can both dance and cry to. Ros Red is one of the examples of artists who’ve run with the “indie” R&B of James Blake and the Weeknd. His debut EP The Flipside is coded for everything you could learn about this sort of music. Melody, rhythm, atmosphere, texture.

Pasi Viitanen has previously been with Ringa Manner  Teosto Music Prize nominee and Nordic Music Prize nominee with the album The Hearing: Adrian (Solina Records 2016).


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