M: Lauluja 1960-luvulta

Digital / CD : 25.3.2022
Vinyl LP: 22.4.2022

Solina Records will release the fourth album by M, one of the most interesting creators in Finnish pop music, on March 25, 2022. From the forthcoming album “Lauluja 1960-luvulta” has previously released very beautiful singles “Maailmain”, “Sinun omasi” and “Tanssilaulu”. Along with three previously released albums, M has received rave reviews, the best Finnish album of the year, nominations for the Emma and Teosto awards, and gigs at major domestic festivals. Minja Koski’s aka M`s fourth album is exceptionally a cover album that contains Finnish schlager classics from the 1960s. Tracklist includes songs made famous by Laila Kinnunen, Carola, Anki and Tamara Lund, among others. The singles “Maailmain”, “Sinun omasi” and “Tanssilaulu” have received already an ecstatic reception. The album is produced by Miikka Ahlman. Arranged and played by Minja Koski, Miikka Ahlman, Aleksi Kaufmann, Jussi-Pekka Parviainen and Simo Saukkola.


1. Sinun omasi
2. Tähdet meren yllä
3. Maailmain
4. Tanssilaulu
5. Valoa Ikkunassa
6. Ne kesäyöt
7. Kun
8. Niin aikaisin
9. Älä kiiruhda

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Henri Tuunanen (promoter, production manager, agent)
+358 50 493 7465