New Ro 2020

New Ro

New Ro brings the good vibes with her debut album

New Ro is a Helsinki based singer, songwriter and producer. She is known for her heavenly vocal skills, empowering lyrics and her colourful personality. Since 2019, New Ro has gravitated towards writing and producing solo – her approach has seen her blossom creatively, thus creating a unique sound. She mixes modern pop and r’n’b influences with 80’s and 90’s nostalgia. She builds infectious rhythms and never fails to write a killer hook, sensual synths and catchy melodies.

Her secret weapon is her sense of humor and she never fails to entertain her followers with her comedy chops.

Her debut album “Late Bloomer” shows us a fully realised version of this cheeky songstress in a compelling and relatable package. New Ro: When I started working on the album I knew I wanted to talk about emotional growth, something I think almost obsessively about. The comparison to nature felt natural and comforting, and it gave me a clear idea of how I wanted to structure the album. I wanted to open up & delve deep. That meant being brutally honest, singing my ass off and trusting my instincts all around.


cropcircles’ music video written and directed by New Ro



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