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Lac Belot is one of the most fascinating new Finnish artists. Charismatic singer’s ambition and skill in orchestrated artpop is captivating. The album´s beauty blowns away, timeless songs take their audience somewhere between the Garden of Eden and Lewis Carroll’s fairy tales, whispering whimsically into massive storms and subsiding as unexpectedly. Compares have been drawn to Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Phosphorescent and John Grant.

“And you should be his best friend, from now on. You should. His delectable and heart strings pulling single ‘Friendly Beast’ traverses the known Universe to be with you. Hold out your hand, and be touched. As tears roll off your cheeks from joy and confusion, your heart finally figures it out. Hooray! Get convinced. Jarno Takkumäki is LAC BELOT.” – Comeherefloyd

“Pretty good right?? Anyway I wouldn’t want to hype up the album too much, but we’re very much looking forward to hearing it and reviewing it too. We’ll let you know when it’s out…”
– Nordic Music Review

“Lac Belot is one of those cases that has truly marveled us. We don’t say it lightly either. In the current context of alternative music where indie genres are being mixed and merged every single day, is not easy to find some new act which sounds refreshing, unique and inspiring. Friendly Beast is for me personally, the most beautiful song I heard all year, as it gives everything I would not expect from it. It is more than a song. It’s a deep breath. An immense spirit.”
– Where the Music Meets