Mies ja elämä: Turussa / Maamme

12″ vinyl maxi single, limited edition, 500 copies (SOLD OUT!)
Release date: 20.04.2013

We are excited to announce our support for Record Store Day Saturday 20 April 2013! Together with Turku Modern festival:

Mies ja Elämä (Jori Hulkkonen) : Turussa 12″ mix / Maamme 12″ mix
limited edition vinyl maxi 12″ single (45 rpm)

A-side: “Turussa”  is a cover version of Pet Shop Boys´ hit single “West End Girls” with Finnish lyrics.

B-side: “Maamme” is Finland‘s national anthem. The music was composed by Fredrik Pacius and was performed for the first time on 13 May 1848. The current Finnish text is usually attributed to the 1889 translation of Ensign Stål by Paavo Cajander, but in fact originates from the 1867 translation by Julius Krohn. This cover version is more inspired by Bobby O or Giorgio Moroder!


1 – Turussa 12″ mix
2 – Maamme 12″ mix