Sin Cos Tan: Killing Dreams


Release date: October 7th 2022 (7.10.2022)

Written by Juho Paalosmaa

Production and mixing: Jori Hulkkonen

Recorded at Alppi-houz pt studio/Jori Hulkkonen

Label: Solina Records http://solinarecords.com


  1. Killing Dreams FISR62200025
  2. Killing Dreams (New Jack Version) FISR62200034

Killing Dreams is the fourth single from the Sin Cos Tan album Living In Fear -out in just a few weeks. After the previous dancefloor-oriented songs, Killing Dreams takes a slightly different, organic, and dare we say it, more adult approach. Toned down verses mixed with the chorus’ wall of sound production create a powerful dynamic enhanced by Juho’s stellar vocal.

As you’ve come to expect, the single comes with an alternative take on the track, this time the reference being late 80’s new jack swing tracks -it’s time we bring that beat back.


Finland’s leading electropop duo Sin Cos Tan – comprising of singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa and artist/producer Jori Hulkkonen – is releasing its highly anticipated fourth album after a long hiatus.

On their next album “Living in Fear”, the band unleashes its uncompromising sound and energy for a world dealing with chaos and fear. The result is a gem of timeless pop music that proves the duo to be at the peak of their creative powers. Do you fear the dark, love, war, or yourself? Whatever the answer, you can be certain:

Fear is a powerful thing.