Malla: Fresko

Release: digital february 10th 2023
LP version (with gatefold cover) out on March 24th 2023
Written and produced by Malla Malmivaara, Jarkko Kumpulainen, Kalifornia-Keke, Roberto Rodriguez

Malla, the most up-to-date artist of Finnish house and disco, who has garnered wide attention with her debut album, releases her second album FRESKO.

Multitalent Malla Malmivaara is an award winning actress and musician in Finland. Malla is now focusing on her career as a solo artist. Malla’s music is an eclectic mix of electro pop and house music, inspired by analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Malla found a new role as a dancefloor truth-teller with gmher debut album, infusing house and disco epics with thrilling expressions of desire and self-knowledge.

Malla’s debut album came out in 2021 and it is an exceptional release in domestic music that has no domestic equivalent. Malla’s album has received rave reviews and appeared in many “Best of 2021” lists in Finland, e.g. In the selections of Helsingin Sanomat’s cultural editorial and national radio YleX. In 2021 and 2022, Malla was the most played on a cool Radio Helsinki, and also played excellently on other radio channels in Finland and abroad.

Malla is on superb form on her second album, embracing house and disco in a way that sounds as natural as it is elegant. Everybody will fall in love with Malla’s second album ”Fresko”, thanks to her eclectic mix of disco, electro pop and house music.

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