Heroin And Your Veins: Dead People´s Trails

cd / digital
Release date: 15.08.2007


2:00 AM – The Street Lights
1. The First Pain
2. Diet and Cancer
3. Sand in Lungs
4. Romantic Dreams
5. Polio
6. The Death of a Lover
7. Intense Revulsion
4:00 AM – The Ceiling
8. Alone
9. Absurd
10. Full Moon and Dry Humour
11. Perverted Dreams
12. Bad Luck


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Estonia: Lasering
Finland: Levykauppa ÄxSwamp MusicEpe’sCDON.com

The album can be found or at least ordered from most record shops in Finland. Internationally it can be ordered from a handful of stores.



To listen to five of the pieces you can use the MP3 player on the left. The pieces can be downloaded at the MP3 section.


Finnish: SueRumbaSoundiNoise.fiDesibeli.netTurun SanomatFormus,IlkkaVertigo
English: Mick Mercer
Other: Plastelin.com

Liner notes:

Recorded between August 2006 and February 2007 in Tampere, Finland. Mastered by Jarkko Tuohimaa at Soundwave 2000. Artist photos by Irene Stachon. Everything else by Janne Perttula.

“I look through my window at night. The moon, the street lights, the insomnia. Soon I forget the view and the noises of cars driving in the distance. I am yearning. No drugs, no alcohol could relieve me. I don’t want to anything as I know that following you would lead me nowhere. Everything is still.”